I am Chen Levkovich, I live in Tel Aviv, Israel.

I created Mikledet.com mostly for myself (and my wife). We lived in Munich at the time, without any P.C. at home. I connected to the Internet mostly from Internet cafes, which of course had no Hebrew support. We had no possibility to send Hebrew emails, until I created Mikledet.com (well at the beginning the name was e-vrit and then just Mikledet). I wrote all the initial code at the easy Internet cafe next to Munich's central station, and at the time I used my home page at geocities.

The latest addition to Mikledet is the new Facebook application. You can find it on http://apps.facebook.com/mikledet/.

Well now I have a real domain, more options (email and search), and more users.

You can check one of my other products:

* http://www.zuznow.com - Mobile adaptation service
* http://skypetranslate.com - Instant translation from and to any language
* http://muftah-alhuruf.com - Write Arabic and send Arabic emails without an Arabic keyboard
* http://zuzmarks.com - Mobile bookmarks made easy

Chen Levkovich